Thursday, November 12, 2009


Before (Left) and After (Right)
This picture was an easy picture to make it look dramatic. Looking at this picture I thought that it already looked dark, so it would be cool to make it look even more creepy. I slightly softened the skin with the Airbrush tool by selecting a color and airbrushing over the areas with a light opacity. Again using the Airbrush tool I selected a light blue color from my color color palette, and painted around the iris, erasing where the hair covers the eye with a small brush size, and airbrushed a dark color around the bottom of the eye for an eyeliner effect. Then I used a Nik effect called Bleach Bypass with little, but enough saturation so the skin, lips, and eyes still have a little, but not too much, color.

P.S. If you want to see a large version of any of the pictures just click on them ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfect Look

Before (Right) and After (left)

In this picture I decided to do a sort of "perfect" look. To smooth the skin I used the Airbrush tool, selecting certain skin colors, then airbrushing with a light opacity around the face. Then I did the eyes. I whitened up the whites of the eyes with the Airbrush tool, a white color, and a light opacity. Selecting a dark color from around the lashes I outlined the eyes lightly, then added a slight sparkle to the eye with a light color. I smoothed the lips with the same tequnique as I did the face. Using a Nik effect, I brushed a goldish color onto the lips, then did the same around the eyelid. Once I finished the face I played around with some backgrounds... ...The background on the right was a picture of my umbrella, and the background on the left is a picture of a window. I sized the background pictures and dragged them onto the origonal picture, erasing the background where the girl is.